As world markets slow down and business spending slows even greater, you have to be confident that your office is taking advantage of every technological opportunity to help the bottom line.  You must take actions to guarantee that your workplace is getting up to speed on current computer industry standards in order to be productive and efficient.  

From over a decade of educating in the computer technology industry comes a methodology for teaching that is unlike any training video, instructional book, or classroom course you have ever encountered.  Our “Personal Patience” approach puts a live person in front of you that has the patience to help all skill levels.  Your Personal & Patient instructor utilizes Finite Consulting’s 3E System that will:

·  Enable—deliver modern and exciting work skills

· Enrich—provide new ways to communicate with co-workers and customers

· Entertain—create an enjoyable learning environment

Topics Include:

· Desktop Software

· Pre-Sales Presentations & Prep

· ERP packages

· Custom Solutions



“making the most of YOUR time”

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